gamma-hydroxybutyric acid

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γ-hydroxybutyric acid

Central nervous system depressant causing relaxation, loss of muscle tone and reduced inhibitions. Effects are enhanced when mixed with alcohol. Previously sold in health food stores as a performance-enhancing drug until banned by the FDA in 1990. Sometimes vernacularly termed date rape drug.
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On January 1 the federal government outlawed so-called party drugs: liquid ecstasy, psyilocybin, "magic" mushrooms and derivatives of the peyote cactus such as mescalin.
GHB, also know as liquid ecstasy, is expected to be made a Class C drug by next summer.
Liquid Ecstasy has swept dance clubs in the US and has been responsible for 32 deaths and 3,500 overdoses in just two years.
On the street, GHB has various labels including 'liquid ecstasy', 'easy lay', 'scoop' and 'fantasy'.
Some of these drugs, like liquid ecstasy, are fairly common.
Derrick Arnold Carreon PDEA spokesman said the PDEA-SES agents confiscated 43 pieces of suspected ecstasy tablets with an estimated value of P107, 500, three sachets of kush (three grams) worth P7000, 100 milliliters of liquid ecstasy worth P30,000, four bottles Ketarol (40 ml) worth P20,000 and other drug paraphernalia.
yesterday led to the recovery of a kilo of shabu worth P6 million, three bottles of liquid ecstasy worth P75,000 and assorted drug paraphernalia.
Stephen Port, 41, killed victims with fatal doses of party drug GHB, known as liquid ecstasy, after inviting them to his flat, it is claimed.
The family of the Stirling University student had called for a fresh probe into his death after a toxicology report found levels of liquid ecstasy in his system.
Last night, fellow clubbers said the women had taken GHB, so-called liquid ecstasy.