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basal cell liquefactive degeneration) may cause pigment incontinence, which clinically manifests as hyperpigmentation.
Congestion of blood vessel, liquefactive necrosis of first and second proximal segment, and irregularity in interstitial haematopoietic tissue were observed in kidney of all experimentlanimals.
Examination of the foot, revealed cellulitis and liquefactive necrosis in the interdigital space that had a foul odor.
Crepitus, induration and foul smelling watery discharge secondary to liquefactive necrosis can also become apparent (2).
melanosis###age###formaldehyde, brilliant###pigmentation on the cheeks###with liquefactive basal cell
On histologic examination, approximately 80% of the normal architecture was effaced by extensive areas of liquefactive necrosis with few foci of nests and sheets of neoplastic melanocytes that dissected between viable skeletal muscle (Fig 1).
9) However, the sensitivity of MR exceeds its specificity, as both inflammatory edema and liquefactive tissue necrosis produce similar MR appearance and, therefore, the extent of infection can be overestimated.
Usually, coagulative necrosis of the brain is liquefactive as in infarcts and it can be associated or not to hemorrhage.