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affected with or of the nature of lipoma.


Pertaining to or manifesting the features of lipoma, or characterized by the presence of a lipoma (or lipomas).


Etymology: Gk, lipos, fat, oma, tumor
pertaining to or resembling a benign tumor made up of mature fat cells.


Pertaining to or manifesting the features of a lipoma, or characterized by the presence of a lipoma (or lipomas).


(li-po'ma ) [ lipo- + -oma, ]
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A benign fatty tumor. They often appear in crops on the arms or trunk but are not metastatic. lipomatous ('mat-us), adjective See: illustration; chondrolipoma

lipoma arborescens

An abnormal treelike accumulation of fatty tissue in a joint.

cystic lipoma

A lipoma containing cysts.

diffuse lipoma

A lipoma not definitely circumscribed.

lipoma diffusum renis

A condition in which fat displaces parenchyma of the kidney. Synonym: lipomatosis renis

lipoma durum

A lipoma with marked hypertrophy of the fibrous stroma and capsule.

nasal lipoma

A fibrous growth of the subcutaneous tissue of the nostrils.

osseous lipoma

A lipoma in which the connective tissue has undergone calcareous degeneration.

lipoma telangiectodes

A rare form of lipoma containing a large number of blood vessels.


Pertaining to a LIPOMA.


affected with, or of the nature of, lipoma.
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For example, the current case is positive for CD34, but the history of "prior removed lipomatous tumor," the high-grade cytomorphology, and positivity for MDM2 confirmed the diagnosis of a dedifferentiated liposarcoma instead of a conventional DFSP or fibrosarcomatous DFSP.
The unique feature of this tumour is the fact that a variety of cell types can be encountered in its epithelial and mesenchymal components including cuboidal, oval, spindle, plasmacytoid, squamous, lipomatous, osteoblasts and chondrodroblasts imparting varied morphology to the tumour which accounts for the name 'pleomorphic'.
The rarity of lipomatous lesions and the yield of a mixture of mature adipose tissue and normal salivary gland elements may result in false-negative reports of "no pathologic changes' or insufficient material for diagnosis.
From the archives of the AFIP: benign musculoskeletal lipomatous lesions.
The MRI confirmed the presence of an intramuscular, lipomatous mass with comparable dimensions (11.
They detail the principles and practice of biopsy diagnosis and management of these lesions, ancillary techniques for the evaluation and diagnosis of bone and soft tissue neoplasms, spindle cell tumors in children and adults, giant cell tumors, myxoid lesions, lipomatous tumors, vascular tumors, pleomorphic sarcomas, osseous tumors, cartilaginous neoplasms, small round cell neoplasms, epithelioid and polygonal cell tumors, and cystic lesions, and their clinical, cytologic and histologic, and radiographic features and differential diagnosis, with clinical vignettes.
Atypical lipomatous tumor/well- differentiated liposarcoma of the extremity and trunk wall: importance of histological subtype with treatment recommendations.
Fibrolipomatous hamartoma of nerve is a tumor-like lipomatous process that involves principally volar aspects of the hands, wrists and forearms of young persons (1).
Diffuse lipomatous involvement of the gastrointestinal tract is a rare condition, with less than a dozen reported cases.
Both T-1 and T-2 weighted images were helpful when lipomatous component was present as it gives high signal intensity on both sequences.
7), (8) Lipoma arborescens is a rare intraarticular disorder characterized by villous lipomatous proliferation of the synovial membrane.
Upon entry into the chest, we encountered a large, well-circumscribed lipomatous mass (Figure 1d).