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affected with or of the nature of lipoma.
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Pertaining to or manifesting the features of lipoma, or characterized by the presence of a lipoma (or lipomas).
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Pertaining to or manifesting the features of a lipoma, or characterized by the presence of a lipoma (or lipomas).
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(li-po'ma ) [ lipo- + -oma, ]
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A benign fatty tumor. They often appear in crops on the arms or trunk but are not metastatic. lipomatous ('mat-us), adjective See: illustration; chondrolipoma

lipoma arborescens

An abnormal treelike accumulation of fatty tissue in a joint.

cystic lipoma

A lipoma containing cysts.

diffuse lipoma

A lipoma not definitely circumscribed.

lipoma diffusum renis

A condition in which fat displaces parenchyma of the kidney. Synonym: lipomatosis renis

lipoma durum

A lipoma with marked hypertrophy of the fibrous stroma and capsule.

nasal lipoma

A fibrous growth of the subcutaneous tissue of the nostrils.

osseous lipoma

A lipoma in which the connective tissue has undergone calcareous degeneration.

lipoma telangiectodes

A rare form of lipoma containing a large number of blood vessels.
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Pertaining to a LIPOMA.
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Lipomatous variant of Myofibroblastoma with epithelioid features: a rare and diagnostically challenging breast lesion.
The immunohistochemical expression of p16, MDM2, and CDK4 is useful for distinguishing ALT from other lipomatous tumors [24].
Important differential diagnoses of spindle cell lipoma include atypical lipomatous tumor and dedifferentiated liposarcoma.
Moreover, if this is real, it is then possible to advocate a feasible pathway to link both variants, lipomatous and extensively vacuolated, like this: hypoxia [right arrow] organelle vacuolation (ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum) [right arrow] protein synthesis impairment [right arrow] defective lipid transportation with storing of fat droplets.
The pathologic substrate of macrodactyly is hypertrophy of the bone with hamartomatous overgrowth of predominantly lipomatous or fibrous tissues.
High-resolution ultrasonography, contrast enhanced computed tomography and MRI are reliable imaging modalities for the scrotum and its contents, and all can provide useful information about the lipomatous nature of these masses.
[3] reviewed 91 lipomatous tumors and identified sclerosing histology to be associated with higher likelihood of local failure.
(3) In some instances, EUS-FNA is required to differentiate between the benign lipoma and neoplastic lesions, especially lipomatous malignancies.
Pathologic examination of the specimen revealed the typical pattern of lipomatous hypertrophy with large accumulation of adipose tissue (Fig.
Infrequently, fat is present in a small amount in "low-fat" and "fat-free" SCL, which can disguise the tumor's lipomatous nature and cause diagnostic challenges.
Both of these abnormalities result from a defect during primary neurulation, with mesenchymal tissue entering the neural tube and forming lipomatous tissue.