lipid keratopathy

lip·id ker·a·top·a·thy

occurrence of fats in an area of corneal vascularization.


noninflammatory disease of the cornea. See also corneal.

acid-fast keratopathy
corneal opacities seen in dogs in tropical and subtropical areas of the United States; attributed to an unidentified mycotic or mycobacterial infection. Called also Florida spots, Florida fungus.
band keratopathy
subcorneal calcification associated with local ocular disease or systemic abnormalities of calcium or phosphorus metabolism.
bullous keratopathy
a nonspecific response of the cornea to inflammation in which vesicles and bullae occur.
lipid keratopathy
deposition of lipid in the stroma of the cornea. In the primary disease, there is no association with abnormalities of lipid metabolism or elevated blood lipid levels. In secondary disease, lipids are deposited in scars and previous corneal lesions, or in association with abnormalities of systemic lipid metabolism.