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Relating to lipemia.


Relating to lipemia; describes milky appearance in serum and plasma.
Synonym(s): lipaemic.


(li-pe'me-a) [ lipo- + -emia]
An abnormal amount of fat in the blood.

alimentary lipemia

An accumulation of fat in the blood after eating.

lipemia retinalis

A condition in which retinal vessels appear reddish white or white; found in cases of hyperlipidemia.
See: hyperlipoproteinemialipemic (-mik), adjective
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In specimens with turbidity, we report the comment specimen lipemic.
If not, the sample is analyzed for cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipemic index, and these results are reported irrespective of whether a lipid profile is requested.
For lipemic samples containing triglyceride concentrations >15 mmol/L, HI was evaluated after ultracentrifugation.
Only one of the blood samples obtained was lipemic (3+ lipemia).
Lipemic Test Interference of specimens collection fat with optical after heavy reading of meals.
Lipemic, hemolytic, and icteric samples are associated with certain pathological conditions and are known to interfere with certain spectrophotometry-based methods (37).
Triaging lipemic samples to larger reference laboratories or core facilities maybe impractical because of extended turnaround times and specimen rejection of lipemic samples, thus hindering patient care.
Subject (n = 20) baseline physical, hematologic and lipemic characteristics.
These patients usually present in infancy/childhood with episodic abdominal pain and an abnormal appearance of lipemic plasma [2].
Visceral fat accumulation determines postprandial lipemic response, lipid peroxidation, DNA damage, and endothelial dysfunction in non-obese Korean men.
Differential lipemic and hormone responses to oral and parenteral 17B-estradiol in postmenopausl women.