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Relating to lipemia.
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Relating to lipemia; describes milky appearance in serum and plasma.
Synonym(s): lipaemic.
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(li-pe'me-a) [ lipo- + -emia]
An abnormal amount of fat in the blood.

alimentary lipemia

An accumulation of fat in the blood after eating.

lipemia retinalis

A condition in which retinal vessels appear reddish white or white; found in cases of hyperlipidemia.
See: hyperlipoproteinemialipemic (-mik), adjective
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Laboratory comments referring to a 'lipaemic specimen' (Fig.
A recent study showed that conversion from cyclosporine to tacrolimus in stable kidney transplant recipients resulted in improvement in lipid profile but there was no reduction in the number of medications and marginal reduction in cardiovascular risk parameters.23 Sub-analysis of Symphony study revealed that patients receiving sirolimus (mTOR Inhibitor) had the worst lipaemic control and patients receiving sirolimus had highest LDL- cholesterol and triglyceides than patients receiving tacrolimus and cyclosporine while there was no difference in HDL levels.24 The two mTOR inhibitors (sirolimus and everolimus) have similar effects on lipid levels.25 At our institution, mTOR inhibitors are not used during the initial
The Elecsys Vitamin D (25-OH) reagent package insert states that interference may cause by visible signs of haemolysis, grossly lipaemic, gross icteric and highly elevated rheumatoid factors sample, and high doses of biotin.
Most commonly lipaemia will be observed in the laboratory and a comment of 'lipaemic serum' on the laboratory report should never be ignored.
Lipaemic plasma should be taken seriously at all ages, and necessitates work-up at specialised clinics where the diagnosis of chylomicronaemia or type I hyperlipidaemia facilitates appropriate dietary management that can prevent pancreatitis.
(26.) Tagliaferro V, Cassader M, Bozzo C, et al, Moderate guar-gum addition to usual diet improves peripheral sensitivity to insulin and lipaemic profile in NIDDM.
The venous blood samples are collected unsuitable according to following criteria inappropriate volume, haemolysed and lipaemic samples, missing/wrong patient identification.
Patients with homozygous FH have a very high LDLC and lipaemic serum.