linker DNA

link·er DNA

the DNA found between nucleosomes on chromatin; because it is not complexed to proteins as strongly as other forms of DNA, it is accessible to exonuclease hydrolysis.
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The other product is "oligo(dG)-tailed linker DNA," which has an oligo(dG) tail at one end and a HindIII cohesive end at the other end.
Step 4 is annealing and circularization with oligo(dG)-tailed linker DNA and E.
31) Basically, the plasmid for the preparation of the vector primer is required only to contain a fragment composed of one HindIII site, a unique restriction site and a 3'-protruding rare restriction site in this order, whereas the plasmid for the preparation of the linker DNA is required to contain a fragment composed of a 3'-protruding unique restriction site and one HindIII site.
Another histone, H1, is located outside the nucleosomes at the so-called linker DNA, which connects the various 206-kDa disk-like nucleosomes.
The formation of 180-200-bp oligonucleosomes results from cleavage in this 20-40-bp linker DNA region between adjacent nucleosomes by calcium-dependent endonucleases (Fig.