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liniments, oil-based treatments rubbed into the skin for purposes of analgesia or as a rubefacient.
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For example, they reportedly can fight infections, promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, affect hormonal levels, stimulate the immune system, heat the skin in a liniment, promote blood circulation and digestion, and lessen sinus or lung congestion.
Do not use a heating pad with liniments though, as this may result in an extremely painful burn.
We've given it a gentle spearmint scent, as opposed to the rather pungent scent of most liniments, to appeal to young consumers," he says.
Curiosities such as old salves and liniments confront browsers at every turn in Golden Gait Mercantile (421), which also boasts an outstanding selection of hats.
Tenders are invited for Creams, drops, ointments, oral liquid, syrups, liniments, other miscellaneous medicines
They are rubbed in special liniments and their coats are shaved ( speed is king.
For Mom was willing to try anything--from liniments to over-the-counter medications, from chiropractors to faith healers.
Q: Is it okay to use Tiger Balm, Mineral Ice, or other liniments for muscle and arthritis pain?
The massaging action of applying the liniment can increase blood flow and help relax muscles.