lingual plate

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A partial denture major connector formed as a lingual bar extended to cover the cingula of the lower anterior teeth.
Synonym(s): lingual plate
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adjective Referring to the tongue and hyoid bone.
noun An anatomic unit in fish consisting of the tongue and hyoid bone.
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lin·gual plate

(linggwăl plāt)
Major connector portion of a mandibular removable partial denture (i.e., prosthesis) that connects the posterior segments and contacts the lingual surfaces of the natural anterior teeth.
Synonym(s): lingual apron, lingual strap, linguoplate.
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Large tumors may involve the body of the mandible or extend into the maxillary sinus -when they arise in the maxilla.[4] Multiple lesions can occur in up to 25% of cases.[4] Squamous odontogenic tumor can have locally aggressive behavior, eroding through the facial or lingual plates of alveolar bone, or extending into the palate, maxillary sinuses, nasal floor, and nasal spine.[2,5] This is especially true of the maxillary lesions.[2,3]