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Protection of the lingual nerve during operations on the mandibular third molar: a simple method.
The overall rate of paresthesia of lingual nerve was 15% and of the inferior alveolar nerve 6.5%.
There were no cases of IDN damage and one case of lingual nerve deficient, which subsequently resolved.
In the presence of an ossified pterygospinous ligament, the main trunk of mandibular nerve is redirected laterally and its dividing neural routes (lingual nerve and inf.
Lingual nerve injury associated with the ProSeal laryngeal mask airway: a case report and review of the literature.
/ But above all / the gas station wall calendar / the greasy, little swish / of a photo of a purple mountain / that eventually levels / the real thing...," taking care, certainly, to avoid the lingual nerve, the mythomania nerve, the hypnoglossal nerve and above all the inflated lovular, do I take the nodding of your wadding to be a yes?
Injury to the lingual nerve, which transmits sensation to the front two-thirds of the tongue, has been the subject of more dental malpractice claims than any other.
Impacted mandibular third molars are associated with various problems among which lingual nerve damage is one of the common complications of third molar removal.
Persistent altered sensation for longer duration than expected and inadvertent injury to inferior alveolar and lingual nerve also can be prevented by giving local infiltration [4].
The mandibular sublingual gland duct complex was ligated and transected caudal to the lingual nerve (Fig.4).
Ln= Lingual nerve, Ma= Maxillary artery, Mma= Middle meningeal artery,
The one significant adverse event that occurred in this series of patients was bilateral lingual nerve injury.