lingual crossbite

lin·gual cross·bite

(linggwăl krawsbīt)
Lingual displacement of a mandibular tooth or teeth as related to the opposing (i.e., antagonistic) tooth or teeth.
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l###Posterior lingual crossbite with no functional occlusal contact in one or more buccal segments
5 mm with recorded masticatory and speech difficulties 4-c Anterior or posterior crossbites with greater than 2 mm discrepancy between retruded contact position and intercuspal position 4-l Posterior lingual crossbite with no functional occlusal contact in one segment or both buccal segments 4-d Severe contact point displacements greater than 4 mm 4-e Extreme lateral or anterior open bites greater than 4 mm 4-f Increased and complete overbite with gingival or palatal trauma 4-t Partially erupted teeth, tipped and impacted against adjacent teeth 4-x Presence of supernumerary teeth Grade 3 (moderate/borderline need) 3-a Increased overjet greater than 3.
These occlusal features that were identified to be potentially related include anterior open bite, overjet greater than 6 mm, centric relation/intercuspal position (CR/IP) slide greater than 4 mm, unilateral lingual crossbite and 5 or more missing posterior teeth.