lingual crossbite

lin·gual cross·bite

(linggwăl krawsbīt)
Lingual displacement of a mandibular tooth or teeth as related to the opposing (i.e., antagonistic) tooth or teeth.
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There was no statistically significant relationship between the severity of OSA of the studied patients and the observed degrees of overjet (p=0.427), overbite (p=0.861) and buccal or lingual crossbite (p=0.364).
4.l###Posterior lingual crossbite with no functional occlusal contact in one or more buccal segments
These occlusal features that were identified to be potentially related include anterior open bite, overjet greater than 6 mm, centric relation/intercuspal position (CR/IP) slide greater than 4 mm, unilateral lingual crossbite and 5 or more missing posterior teeth.