lingual arch attachment

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lin·gual arch at·tach·ment

(linggwăl ahrch ă-tachmĕnt)
Bracket on the lingual side of an orthodontic band that stabilizes the arch or aids in tooth movement.
Synonym(s): lingual appliance.
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Service's rapid manufacturing process, from treatment planning to shipment of the lingual appliance, takes only 10 to 15 days.
The manufacturing process of the new appliance differs fundamentally from any other lingual appliance or laboratory procedures.
Previous studies have shown that treating periodontal patients with lingual appliances requires specific considerations in the biomechanical approach.
New to the second edition are five chapters on incisor root resorption, lingual appliances, and wider application of orthodontic implants.
In addition, they are highly esthetic, and could thus be an effective alternative to lingual appliances.
Lingual appliances may be used for the esthetically conscientious patient, however Invisalign is equally esthetic with the added benefit of being removable and comfortable.