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Per Henrik, Swedish hygienist, 1776-1839. See: Ling method.


See heather.


Herbal medicine
An evergreen shrub that contains arbutin, carotene, citric and fumaric acids, flavonoids, tannins and volatile oils; it is antitussive, mildly sedative, a urinary tract antiseptic, and has been used for rheumatic complaints and gout.
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Durham angler Peter Dean Dodds landed his best ever ling of 18.
My own spiritual landscape was still rugged and it would take more years before the yearning soul would find solace, but since that first encounter with him, Martin Lings remained a close spiritual presence.
The cartoon depicts Ling in her "nuclear rocket truck" - which she bought to advertise her business alongside motorways - chasing Viz favourites like Roger Mellie.
Now an investigation has been ordered into the actions of two other police officers after the magistrate stated they made "dubious decisions" which may also have contributed to the death of Mr Ling.
Ling is to be married by a justice of the peace in the hall they rented for the reception.
With her husband Jon, this is where Ling has built the online empire that is Ling's Cars, or LINGsCARS.
And despite - or maybe because of - her rather zany approach to her business, Ling's Cars is thriving, and Jon and Ling are forecasting they will have handled deals for cars worth around pounds 16.