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Per Henrik, Swedish hygienist, 1776-1839. See: Ling method.


See heather.


Herbal medicine
An evergreen shrub that contains arbutin, carotene, citric and fumaric acids, flavonoids, tannins and volatile oils; it is antitussive, mildly sedative, a urinary tract antiseptic, and has been used for rheumatic complaints and gout.
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At the time, Ling made a statement about having sex with Joanne, whom he had met in a pub earlier that day, against her will before going back to his home in Stamfordham.
Ms Ling, a former environmental health officer from Pentwyn, said: "The message is that of clean, eating healthy options, but we like treats too.
I'm sure Ling Ling and Amba will be a huge hit with visitors to Birmingham Nature Centre and it's fantastic that we can play a vital role in the conservation of such a beautiful animal.
With the winners guaranteed a home tie against Macclesfield or Southend in the second round Ling is eager to see his side progress, and if they are as well-drilled at the Galpharm as they were at the Abbey Stadium, they will make Town work hard.
Clinton, who traveled to North Korea last August to negotiate the pair's release, has reportedly contacted Ling several times in recent months to check on her well-being.
Ling received the award at a ceremony at USDA headquarters in Washington D.
Ling Pierce said her niece was isolated, and there were many psychological and physical challenges, including being served rice with stones in it.
journalist Euna Lee (L) is embraced by her husband Michael Saldate (C) and daughter Hana Saldate after arriving with Laura Ling and former President Bill Clinton in Burbank, August 5, 2009.
Then, for a moment, Ling felt relieved for she no longer needed to endure violent fights about money between Mother and Father.
Yet when Ang is chosen to be the next Golden Dragon, guardian of the Dragon Temple, Ling feels deeply humiliated and, under the direction of the sinister Zodiac Master, follows the path of the Shadow Dragon, clouded with the "power of darkest Yin.
Ling had been missing for close to a week before concern (not to mention the emanation of a discernibly foul odor from the room) prompted Ling's cousin, the proprietor of the restaurant, to call the police.