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Practice of successive inbreeding of closely related individuals with the object of concentrating desirable or scientifically interesting genetic characteristics of some individual or group.
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A high prevalence of DEA 1 negative type could be expected from the mating between female and male dogs within the same blood line but it is unknown if these tested dogs were the result of inbreeding or linebreeding. A recent study showed that mating between DEA 1 negative dogs strictly produced DEA 1 negative offspring, while mating between DEA 1 positive dogs primarily resulted in DEA 1 positive offspring, with an occasional DEA 1 negative offspring [10].
And there must be major discretion in linebreeding and inbreeding.
Line 1 illustrates a successful linebreeding program in which a high degree of relationship (39 percent) to the founding sire has been maintained for 18 generations.
Jack was an intelligent man, a family man, a great racing and breeding enthusiast and a champion of the linebreeding techniques that have produced so many top-class horses.
Inbreeding linebreeding has to be avoided in future generations to maintain high levels of heterozygous genetics and heterosis.
He was referring to the beginning of the nation's first long-term studies on genetic selection and linebreeding at the ARS Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory in Miles City, Montana.
It is also useful if you are looking at linebreeding. You might keep tabs on animals with that set of initials.