linear skull fracture

lin·e·ar skull frac·ture

a skull fracture resembling a line.
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A bilateral linear skull fracture correlates with poor outcome.
Complications of linear skull fracture in young children, AJDC 1975; 129: 197-200.
3he child suffered seizures shortly after birth; magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography scans revealed a linear skull fracture with subarachnoid hemorrhage.
The ultrasound exam did not pick up on a subde, nondisplaced linear skull fracture.
A CT Scan preformed on the day of admission revealed a significant contusion in the frontoparietal region with evidence of a linear skull fracture (Figure 1).
Surgical management of diastatic linear skull fractures in infants.
In addition a CT scan showed a linear skull fracture with small sulcal traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage or contusion in the left parietal region with significant mass effect on the midline shirt.
This study demonstrates that simple linear skull fractures with no other symptoms are generally not a serious injury.
* Linear skull fractures. The "plain vanilla" of the fracture world, these have little to no clinical significance in children over age 2.