linear accelerator

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lin·e·ar ac·cel·er·a·tor (LINAC),

a device imparting high velocity and energy to atomic and subatomic particles; an important device for radiation therapy.

linear accelerator (LINAC)

Etymology: L, linea, line, accelerare, to quicken
an apparatus for accelerating charged subatomic particles, used in radiotherapy, physics research, and the production of radionuclides. A pulsed electron beam generated by an electron gun passes through a long, straight vacuum tube containing alternating hollow electrodes. The electrodes are arranged so that, when their high-frequency potentials are properly varied, the electrons passing through the tube receive successive increments of energy. The electrons are stopped abruptly by a heavy metal target at the end of the tube and directed by a collimator to deliver supervoltage x-rays to the patient receiving radiotherapy.
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Linear accelerator

linear accelerator

A device that accelerates radioactive particles and beams to body regions affected by malignancy, while minimising damage to normal tissue. Linear accelerators use electrodes and gaps arranged in a straight line, proportioned so when electrical potentials are varied with the proper amplitude and frequency, particles passing through the waveguide receive successive increments of energy, and are therefore accelerated; the device delivers therapeutic radiation in the range of 4 to 25 million volts, as either intense radiation or high-energy electron beams—most commonly, 60Co, delivering 2–10 Gy/min (200–1,000 rads/min) at the centre of an internal malignancy. 

External beam radiation therapy, stereotactic body radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery.

Head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and other lymphoproliferative malignancies, seminomas and localised breast cancer, in combination with an excision of malignant lumps.

lin·e·ar ac·cel·er·a·tor

(lin'ē-ăr ak-sel'ĕr-ā-tŏr)
A device imparting high velocity and energy to atomic and subatomic particles; an important device for radiation therapy.

linear accelerator

A machine that uses high voltages to accelerate particles so that they can be used in RADIOTHERAPY.
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Velindre Cancer Centre, which treats patients from across South Wales, has seven linear accelerators on its site in Whitchurch.
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Acceletronics specializes in the on-site service, repair, refurbishing, remarketing and installation of linear accelerators, CT simulators and other oncology and medical imaging equipment.
A linear accelerator (linac) is a key component in radiation therapy systems used to create high-energy x-rays for cancer treatments.
This technology, which exceeds any capabilities currently available in the state, will replace EIRMC's existing linear accelerator that has served over 3000 patients since 2001.
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The subject of procurement is the supply of instrumentation (equipment) - radiotherapeutic irradiator - Linear Accelerator category "True Beam", including accessories, transport, customs, installation, assembly, commissioning, trial operation, providing necessary documentation to perform the appropriate tests and trials, operator training, documentation is delivered to the device, dismantling and disposal obmenovaneho devices, if necessary project documentation and then perform the necessary structural modifications of existing premises irradiation facilities for installation accelerators.
Every Linear Accelerator or CT Simulator we install, every relocation we perform, every refurbishment we complete, every service call we respond to and every part we deliver helps our customers," said Steve Schwarz, president of Acceletronics.
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The delivery is also for every linear accelerator system for in vivo dosimetry, dosimetry daily tests and dosimetry system for verifying irradiation plans IMRT and VMAT.