linea nigra

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 [lin´e-ah] (L.)
linea al´ba white line; the tendinous median line on the anterior abdominal wall between the two rectus muscles.
li´neae albican´tes white or colorless lines on the abdomen, breasts, or thighs caused by mechanical stretching of the skin, with weakening of the elastic tissue; see also atrophic striae.
linea as´pera a rough longitudinal line on the back of the femur for muscle attachments.
linea ni´gra the linea alba when it has become pigmented in pregnancy.

lin·e·a ni'g·ra

the linea alba in pregnancy, which then becomes pigmented.
Synonym(s): black line

linea nigra

a dark line appearing longitudinally on the abdomen of a pregnant woman during the latter 24 weeks of term. It usually extends from the symphysis pubis midline to the umbilicus and sometimes as far as the sternum.
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Linea nigra on the abdomen of a pregnant woman

lin·e·a nig·ra

(lin'ē-ă nī'gră)
The linea alba in pregnancy, which then becomes pigmented.
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Physiologic skin changes in pregnancy include changes in pigmentation (in the form of melasma, linea nigra, secondary areola, localized or generalized hyperpigmentation), vascular system (such as palmar erythema, spider angiomas, varicosities), striae distensae and endocrine function, as well as, changes in hair and nails.
In our study, pigmentary changes were seen in 98% of cases, of which linea nigra was the most common, seen in 86% of cases followed by secondary areola seen in 74% of cases.
As before, Edwards cited the size and shape of Swartout's cervical opening, alleged scarring there from microscopic tears and the presence of a faded linea nigra - a vertical line of dark skin pigmentation running between the belly button and the vagina.