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Using line-of-sight transmission and a two-step activation process, the system is immune to interference or accidental activation from stray radio frequency interference in a typical plant environment.
The system is actually a Raytheon software-definable radio that features Have Quick I/II, fixed-frequency and frequency-hopping Sincgars, Melp and enhanced Melp vocoders, Jstars interoperable waveforms, GPS 1 PPS and 800 kHz clock inputs, Dama-181B, -182A, -183 and -183A, Satcom and line-of-sight transmission and modulates via AM, FM/FSK, SBPSK, DEQPSK, CPM, ECCM and SOQPSK (to name a few features).
6km) RF line-of-sight transmission, in this way increasing the number of applications in which ZigBee mesh networking can be used.
Steep canyons and tall pine trees made burying cable or installing line-of-sight transmission equipment difficult.
Typically they employ infrared light, which requires line-of-sight transmission and user-initiated commands to function properly.
Radio-frequency headphones and speakers aren't limited to line-of-sight transmission.
FM radio wave lengths operate on line-of-sight transmission, which means antennas need a clear path for signals to beam from the ground or other spots in a 60-mile radius.
Microwave needs direct line-of-sight transmission between transmitting and receiving terminals.
6 km) RF line-of-sight transmission, significantly increasing the number of applications in which ZigBee mesh networking can be used.
The choice of this location is dictated by the need to have line-of-sight transmission between the two sites of LAN 1 and LAN 2.
The broadcast quality compressed HD signal of about 20Mbps, wrapped in ASI, is supplied to the TVG420, then IP encapsulated with highly robust error correction and supplied to the microwave radio input for line-of-sight transmission to our studio complex.
Optimized for any size presentation environment, ResponseCard SE operates on patented 2-way radio frequency (RF) technology and is not limited to line-of-sight transmission.