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TELECOMWORLDWIRE-23 March 2000-Harris unveils line test system for high-bandwidth services (C)1994-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Harris Corp has launched its new Line Test System in Europe.
Go to the line test page on 3Com's Web site for further instructions.
Legerity VeriVoice Test Suite software is a subscriber line software package for VoIP customer premise equipment, providing the market's most cost-effective and reliable solution for VoIP line test and self-test while at the same time minimizing the cost of ownership for service providers.
We have been able to consistently get development boards up and running in hours as opposed to days or weeks; flash programming time has been drastically reduced (in one case from 4 hours to 8 minutes); test coverage is well over the 90% mark; and we are making steady improvements to our production line test times.
The Ve790 integrated LineCare line test eliminates the need for expensive test head equipment by integrating the line test functionality within the chipset via silicon and software offerings.
In combination with the VE880 VoicePort products, Legerity's new VeriVoice Test Suite -- a subscriber line test software package for VoIP equipment -- provides the market's most cost effective and reliable solution for VoIP line test and self test, minimizing the cost of ownership for service providers.
In a detailed 21 page ruling, the Court rejected all of RadioShack's legal arguments and defenses and held that: 1) the bright line test for two or more full time employees or their equivalent is 80 hours actually worked per week; and, 2) managers must supervise two or more full time employees at least 80% of the time.
Y-chromosome paternal line test results in the Relative Genetics database can now be searched using the Easy Y-Match(TM) or Exact Y-Match(TM) search engines.
is proud to announce recent certification of its T-47N flight line test set for use with U.
To be truly effective, safe harbors, bright line tests, and de minimis rules must make use of information readily available to a taxpayer without significant additional administrative costs.
Testing DSL connections: Tests discussed include AC and DC line tests, Time Domain Reflectometer tests