line spectrum

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line spec·trum

(līn spek'trŭm)
An emission spectrum of elements in which the emitted light bands cover a very narrow range of energies.
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The frequency of the line spectrum is defined by the ratio of the angles [alpha] and [beta] and the thickness of the crystal plates.
If the line spectrum of the force [T.sub.(t)] is separated from the band spectrum of the force [R.sub.(t)], the loading mode is near the possible occurrence of transient performance of self-excited oscillations of the relaxation type.
Having shown, with Miller, that stars are chemically related to the Sun, Huggins next wanted "to ascertain whether this similarity of plan observable among the stars, and uniting them with our own sun into one great group, extended to the distinct and remarkable class of bodies known as nebulae." He expected they would differ from stars more in their temperature and density than in what they were made of, and through lab experiments with Miller knew the emission line spectrum of a glowing gas was very different from a star's continuous spectrum.
On the interpretation of the solar ultraviolet emission line spectrum. Space Sci.