line pair

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line pair (lp)

a factor that determines the spatial frequency of CT and radiographic images. It consists of two parallel lines or bars separated by a space. As the number of line pairs per centimeter increases, the fidelity of the image decreases.
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Rhythmic lines repeat to form what I call rhythmic line pairs (RLP).
Some research has found that it takes approximately four pixels to capture and reproduce a line pair under test conditions, instead of the representation by two pixels.
Since any signal can be decomposed in its differential- and common-mode components, this model will predict propagation of any combination of differential-and common-mode signals, accurately representing the behavior of the differential transmission line pair.
Modulation transfer function (MTF) is measured in line pairs per millimeter.
The film's story line pairs the experiences of two couples - Claude and Anne, who marry in spite of Claude's susceptibility to an inherited disease and against their doctor's advice, and Miriam and Tom, who refrain from marriage because of Miriam's fear she has inherited epilepsy.
The spatial resolution of a general screen/film system is 7 to 8 line pairs per millimeter.
The Ortensia storage jar line pairs frosted green jars with pink- or yellow-banded lids.
This unit's industry leading clarity can be attributed to several features including the most advanced 3D sensors in the world, a voxel size of just 80 micrometers, 14-bit gray-scale capability, and resolution greater than two line pairs per millimeter.
The coupling behavior of two equidistant line pairs is compared.