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 [ak´sis] (pl. ax´es)
1. a line through a center of a body, or about which a structure revolves.
the second cervical vertebra. adj., adj ax´ial.
2. the position of the cylindrical part of a lens, used for correcting astigmatism; the range of values is from 0° to 180°.
celiac axis celiac trunk.
dorsoventral axis one passing from the posterior to the anterior surface of the body.
electrical axis of heart the preponderant direction of current flow through the heart, a consequence of the electromotive forces within the heart. It may be computed on either an instantaneous basis or a mean basis.
frontal axis an imaginary line running from right to left through the center of the eyeball.
axis of heart a line passing through the center of the base of the heart to the apex.
instantaneous electrical axis the electrical axis of the heart determined at a given point in time.
lead axis the imaginary direct line between the two electrodes of the bipolar leads or between the positive electrode and the reference point of the unipolar leads.
mean electrical axis the average direction of the activation or repolarization process during the cardiac cycle; it may be determined for any deflection (P, QRS, ST-T) and in the frontal, transverse, or sagittal plane.
optic axis
1. a line connecting the center of the anterior curvature of the cornea (anterior pole) with that of the posterior curvature of the sclera (posterior pole).
2. the hypothetical straight line passing through the centers of curvature of the front and back surfaces of a simple lens.
phlebostatic axis a point located by drawing an imaginary line from the fourth intercostal space at the sternum and finding its intersection with an imaginary line drawn down the center of the chest below the axillae.
Phlebostatic axis.
sagittal axis an imaginary line extending through the anterior and posterior poles of the eye.
visual axis an imaginary line passing from the midpoint of the visual field to the fovea centralis.
Axes of the eye. From Dorland's , 2000.
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vis·u·al ax·is

the straight line extending from the object seen, through the center of the pupil, to the macula lutea of the retina.
Synonym(s): line of vision
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vis·u·al a·xis

(vizh'ū-ăl ak'sis)
The straight line extending from the object seen, through the center of the pupil, to the macula lutea of the retina.
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"Since the Eyetracker is fitted with at least two cameras that record images stereoscopically - meaning in three dimensions - the system can easily identify the spatial position of the pupil and the line of vision. It will immediately recognise when a driver's eyes are are tired or close their eyes for a moment," he added.
If this happens to a profile with a very finely structured geometry, even such minor movements can cause the profile to move out of the line of vision of the cameras.
The anatomy of the eye allows transfer of the standard line of vision as the so-called one-eye or two-eye vision.
The Ghost Rider also features a bubble level and a Bonus Violet LED light for maximum accuracy even in lowlight conditions (one of the biggest problems with traditional peep sights is that they have a tendancy to twist slightly obscuring your line of vision and clouding up your sight window).
I was enjoying a night out in the crowded lounge with my family as we used to do on a regular basis, when I became aware of a red dot moving around in my line of vision.
Dear Miriam THREE years ago my optician told me I'd had a bleed behind my left eye and it had seeped across my line of vision.
NMS Communications (Nasdaq:NMSS), a provider of technologies and solutions for mobile applications and infrastructure, has announced that it has partnered with Voiceway SAS, a provider of converged network communications solutions, to extend NMS's line of Vision and Open Access communications platforms into France and Africa.
He sees the rush, his line of vision also makes the play look like a middle screen.
If I follow his line of vision, I am led right past the painted saint to the hopeless perceptual maze into which the sleeping man and his shadow are inserted, almost like a sandwich-board cutout.
It's used like a barcode but considered superior because it doesn't require a direct line of vision to complete a scan.