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Manufactured to specific lengths, a line of gravity conveyor fits in any location, eliminating the need to saw cut sections.
The more evenly the weight of your body is carried around this line of gravity, the less your muscles have to do.
Years of sifting experience has enabled us to develop an exceptional line of gravity flow and pneumatic sifters for a broad range of food production and quality assurance applications.
The pull of gravity is perpendicular to the surface of the earth, so when you elevate the muzzle of your gun by X degrees or lower it by X degrees, you are changing the angle of the bullet's trajectory respective to the line of gravity.
Stoelting designs and manufactures a line of gravity and pressurized soft-serve equipment, shake freezers, slush and cocktail equipment, ice shaver/drink mixers, and equipment for the dairy and cheesemaking industries.
And now my sculptures pivot on the invisible line of gravity that holds them to the ground.
Toys R Us signs a three-year license with emap USA for an exclusive line of Gravity Games licensed merchandise to be featured in dedicated "worlds" in Toys R Us stores.
Mikohn and AGI agreed to get development of Mikohn's new line of Gravity Pays slot games under way.
Featuring all steel construction for durability--or built in aluminum for easier portability--a line of gravity conveyors move a range of loads through facilities.
Aetrium has a broad and proven product line of gravity feed test handlers for leaded IC packages.
has designed a line of Gravity IV sets which are non-DEHP throughout the entire IV fluid path, including tubing and the drip chamber.