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(dōs), Do not confuse this word with dosage.
1. The quantity of a drug or other remedy to be taken or applied all at one time or in fractional amounts within a given period.
See also: dosage (3). Compare: dosage (2).
2. nuclear medicine amount of energy absorbed per unit mass of irradiated material (absorbed dose).
See also: dosage (3).
[G. dosis, a giving]
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Optimized parameters of the proposed LPMA with mixed microstrip line feed method.
In a span of 72 hours, the new line feeds 1 1/2 miles of stainless steel from each of six rolls through an amorphous silicon vapor deposition process.
A new flapper-type check valve, for use where a single material line feeds multiple receivers, is made of stainless steel with a Neoprene gasket for a secure, airtight seal.