limited treatment

lim·i·ted treat·ment

(limi-tĕd trētmĕnt)
Therapy that focuses on diagnosing and treating only the immediate concerns (i.e., complaints) or needs of the presenting patient.

limited treatment,

n treatment directed at a limited objective; not involving the entire dentition. It may be directed at the only existing problem, or at only one aspect of a larger problem in which a decision is made to defer more comprehensive therapy.
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According to her husband, Mehrez received very limited treatment when he attempted to admit her in the Ismailia General Hospital.
Our current development programs focus on two devastating rare diseases myotonic dystrophy and fragile X syndrome both of which have limited treatment options and represent significant commercial opportunities in drug development.
The study highlights the limited treatment options for women with endometriosis, and indicates a benefit from combined therapy.
Celgene's product lineup addresses tough-to-treat cancers that currently have limited treatment options.
Dr Dolores Conroy, director of research at Fight for Sight, said: "This research is absolutely vital, both for people living with leading causes of sight loss who have extremely limited treatment options, and for those who are losing their sight through rare eye conditions.
The safest place for the present is he remains receiving the limited treatment in prison.
Breast cancer characterized as "triple negative" carries a poor prognosis, with limited treatment options.
Bacterial infections that have become resistant to existing antibiotics leave very limited treatment options for patients.
presents a biography of seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong for a series designed specifically for use by high school students, which is reflected in its tone and the limited treatment of some topics such as family planning and drug use.
Gloucester develops drugs for blood cancers with limited treatment options.
In one fell swoop, these guidelines limited treatment, called the limited treatment a cure, and locked some of the sickest patients out of the Lyme diagnosis for good.
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