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The conditions under which to can be used to express GOAL with various prepositions clearly requires further study, but it is good to keep in mind that we might be dealing here with to in some sort of terminative or limitative use ('until').
135) The statute dictates that four specific factors "shall [be] include[d]" in the evaluation, (136) but the definition of "includ[e]" that is contained within the statute indicates these four factors are "illustrative and not limitative.
58) Commentators have long called upon courts to look to additional factors, (59) such as "fairness," (60) and in the opinions studied, the courts themselves frequently acknowledged that the section 107 test is illustrative rather than limitative.
The Commission believes that any list of measures should be limitative.
La Cour a donc adopte une perspective plutot limitative pour determiner ce qui pouvait etre juge necessaire au fonctionnement efficace du Parlement.
The text utilizes the terms "including" and "such as" to indicate that the examples given are "illustrative and not limitative.
Mais cette strategie, fort valable dans le cas de ses ecrits litteraires, s'avere quelque peu limitative en ce qui concerne sa carriere d'historien.
He is critical of humanism, by which he seems to understand a kind of anthropocentric and limitative image of human beings, imposed on the public by narrative, among other things.
A useful rule--at least I have found it useful--is this of mine: the restrictive or defining or limitative or necessary relative clause .
A limitative white list (31) enumerated some licensing arrangements, which typically are found in license agreements, and which, if not innocent anyway, were exempted subsidiarily, and regardless of whether the agreement is for an exclusive or a simple license.
The limitative sense is signaled by id, whereas ekam-ekam is distributive over the number of rishis active in the worship.
1965), "Relative limitative e relative esplicative nell'italiano popolare", en Studi di Filologia Italiana 23,299-333.