limit of resolution

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resolution, limit of 

The least separation of two images so that they are seen as separate when viewed through an optical instrument. This is usually evaluated in terms of the separation between the maximum of the intensity distribution curve of the diffraction pattern (or Airy's disc) of the images; it is commonly assumed that two points will be resolved if the centre of one pattern falls on the first dark ring of the other. The limit of resolution is greater the larger the aperture of the system. Syn. resolving power; resolution threshold. See Rayleigh criterion; minimum separable.
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Even in the case if (1), (2), or (3) works successfully, we think that the practical limit of resolution cannot exceed one predicted from the steepest curve.
These cells are often pictured as rectangles, but are in fact "blobs" of the indicated size since they are at the limit of resolution of the SAR.
Making the microscope even more valuable is a new technique for directly recording stereoscopic images at the limit of resolution in optical microscopy.
I found that the best setting for the filter's radius (given in pixels) is the one that approximately matches the telescope's limit of resolution. Using the ruler tool in Photoshop, I can measure the diameter of a planet or crater in pixels.
Since then Ostro and his colleagues have studied 260 minor planets to the limit of resolution of the Goldstone and Arecibo telescopes.