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A plural of limen.
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(li'men) (lim'i-na) plural.limina [L. limen, threshold]
Entrance; threshold.

difference limen

Just noticeable difference.

limen nasi

The boundary line between the bony and cartilaginous portion of the nasal cavity. It is also at this point that the nasal cavity proper and the vestibule of the nose meet.

limen of insula

The portion of the cortex of the brain that provides a threshold to the insula. The middle cerebral artery passes over this threshold to extend to the insula.
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The ad limina visit, traditionally scheduled every five years, would be the first for the Filipino bishops under the papacy of Pope Francis, the CBCP noted.
"He was exceedingly proud of his accomplishments and would be very pleased to know the family name is still on the building and that family is still running the office." said Tony Limina.
Un passeur d'humanites--Un umanista ad limina. By Silvia Fabrizio-Costa and Frank La Brasca.
Moreover, the lack of data deriving from the Tuscan archives, of which the author often complains, can in some cases be made up with the records of the visita ad limina preserved in the Vatican Secret Archive, as Carlo Fantappie has already signaled in his essays on Tuscan seminaries.
His resulting frustration was voiced in his Ad limina report in 1882 where he expressed the wish that Backhaus would hand over certain land to the diocese.
An Arancia film, Imago Orbis production, in association with the entire east and crew of the film, Limina SRL, Roberto Passuti, Alta Valle Maira Ecomuseo, with the support of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, Linguistic Minorities Dept.
Auxiliary Bishop Tom Williams was today wearing a silver cross given to him by the Pope on his silver jubilee, which coincided with the bishop's five-yearly ad limina visit to Rome.
Pope John Paul II himself called for more careful vetting of candidates for the priesthood during a regular ad limina meeting (which take place every five years) with Brazilian bishops.
Pictured here are rioters throwing stones at policemen after the traditional parade in Zurich, Switzerland; Picture: Michele Limina
"...Let me repeat what I have said before, `It is incompatible with the Catholic faith to support the taking of innocent life whether it is an unborn child or someone who is sick or suffering.' (Homily, 9/3/00) The Holy Father in his ad limina speech to the Bishops of Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 1993 said, `To defend the right to life of unborn children is one of the greatest human life issues of our day.'