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li·mes (L),

(lī'mēz), The plural of this word is lim'ites, not limes.
A boundary, limit, or threshold.
See also: L doses.


A boundary, limit, or threshold.
See also: L doses


(L) (lī'mēz)
A boundary or threshold.
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Store limes at room temperature up to a week, or refrigerate up to two weeks.
The ginger biscuit when mixed with the zesty lime makes this cheesecake really fresh tasting, plus the hint of white chocolate and lime curd running through the creamy mixture adds a lovely touch of sweetness.
Keywords: Lime, Mortar, Binder, Cement, Conservation, Historic Buildings.
Real limes have an emerald green interior, contain no seeds and have a unique flavor all their own.
The lime crop in Mexico, which produces more than 90% of the limes now consumed in the U.
Isolations from 86 bark and 86 root samples obtained from symptomatic acid limes yielded 11 fungal pathogens.
One of the luncheon attendees, a Southern California restaurateur, told her he is offering a free appetizer to any customer who brings in a bag of limes from their backyard tree.
The Mexico City daily business newspaper El Financiero pointed out that prices rose despite a nearly 200% increase in the amount of limes imported from overseas in January and February.
Stir in the lime zest and then remove to a bowl to cool.
According to the company, Beer Lime Beverage Limes are "consistently-sized, firm, green and juicy.
Our initial goal was simple--to bring consistently sized, firm, green and juicy limes to the eating and drinking world.
Derived from the peel oil of Key limes, Citreatt Expressed Key Lime provides a fruity, tangy lime flavour while retaining some of the creamy, juicy accents of the fresh fruit.