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Celtic are due to change their away kit and makers Umbro are thought to be planning an all black outfit with thin, lime-green bands.
Wearing a dark gray suit, lime-green tie and cowboy boots embroidered with the governor's official seal, Schwarzenegger signed the $105.
The flamboyant star, 50, donned a lime-green suit decorated with gold crosses to entertain TV, film and sport celebrities at the Studio 54 Club in Las Vegas.
Each pictogram uses color carefully to focus the rescuer on a specific maneuver, and its bright lime-green color makes it easy to locate in an emergency.
Now with the age of instant information, it might be time to dust off your lime-green biker shorts (purely optional), grab a mountain bike and head for the hills.
Officials from Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) today unveiled the LAFD's only lime-green color ambulance and new full-time paramedic rescue team dedicated to serving Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
he asked his group of hikers, pointing to a spiky lime-green fruit hanging from a shrub.
As for its looks, Scrimgeour hired designer Rusty Smith to formalize the Citrus space, and he's done it very well, creating a warm room of rich, deep reddish-brown in the mahogany furnishings along with a lime-green hue on walls, flooring and upholstery.
The saucer magnolias' large pink, mauve or magenta blossoms, which open even before their unique lime-green, spoon-shaped foliage appears, are a sure sign that spring is rapidly approaching - just as those sticky blue jacaranda flowers, typically first seen in May, are an indication that the heat of the Los Angeles summer is only days away.
The Clippers are to basketball what lime-green AMC Gremlins are to automobiles.
Photo: (1--Color) The invitation said ``casual,'' so she picked lime-green pants with a matching jacket by Classique, $152.