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1. Occurring during a state of inactivity: a resting pulse.
2. Biology In a temporary phase of not growing, dividing, or being active: the resting brain; resting spores.
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Inactive, motionless, at rest.
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Q. What is the rate of alcoholism in the USA compared to the rest of the world? What is the rate of alcoholism in the USA compared to other countries in the world. I don't mean amount of alcohol consumed, but alcohol addiction/dependency. Links to your sources would be appreciated. Cheers! (pun intended)

A. here is a link to a CDC table about drinking hobbits of Americans:
here is an article about it, and it gives good links also:

Q. Why is enough rest important after fitness training and does it have any other benefits?

A. your body needs to recuperate, so do your muscles. if you do not rest enough you may suffer overtraining and be sidelined from injury.

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