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On January 2018, a 23-year-old Gravida 1, para 1 (G1P1) female patient presented in the emergency department of Khyber Teaching Hospital with primary complaint of bilateral lower limb pain, paresthesia, numbness and discolouration.
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 31 2019] The rising in incidence rate of peripheral artery disease is the primary factor driving the growth of the lower limb arterial stents market.
Damage to the brain and spine can result in spasticity, which is often observed as muscle tightness and stiffness in the upper and lower limbs. Upper limb spasticity can interfere with movement at the joints of the upper limb and its severity can range from mild to severe muscle stiffness.
In growing children, limb deformities of the legs, including bow legs and knock knees, are among the most frequent causes for a visit to the paediatric orthopedist.
The famous idiom "seeing is believing" is not enough to help amputees with the use of their prosthetic limb. Many amputees opt out of prolonged use of their prosthetic limb because their missing limb simply does not fit their prosthesis.
The original limb was amputated after fracture in the limb of the animal could not heal.
Results: The pattern of peripheral vascular disease was divided in the lower limb in infra inguinal region into femoropopliteal disease and infra popliteal disease.
'COAS acknowledges great sacrifice of Constable Sabir Hussain of Punjab Police who lost his limb during an operation in DG Khan.
However, the research studies shown in [30-32] have not considered the influence of the motions of the human limb. For example, the problem of assistive feasibility should compare the manipulability between the assistive mechanism and the human limb.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday afternoon graced the distribution of 150 free prosthetic limbs to poor Filipino amputees at the Museum of the History of Ideas inside the compound of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in Manila.