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A statement of the chance that an unknown quantity in reality has a particular value based on the readiness with which it would account for a given set of data; in this way the merits of various competing interpretations may be compared.



likelihood function
a method used to estimate unknown parameters, using a function constructed from a statistical model which gives the probability of the observed data for various values of the unknown parameter. The values which maximize the probability are the maximum likelihood estimates.
maximum likelihood estimates
see likelihood function (above).

Patient discussion about likelihood

Q. What is the likelihood of my depression returning? I have a history of severe depression. My mom is very against medication and counseling, and reluctantly allowed me to go on the lowest dosage of zoloft. It helped, but now she wants me to go off of it and stop going to my doctor. My fear is that my depression will return. What are the chances of my depression returning, and how can I handle it if and when it does?

A. hi kelly17 i agree with eleanor55, i donot have bi-polar-but it seems to me that the problem isnt YOU/it your mother-Im going to be real here-if your mother knows that the meds help why is she stopping them--I think the stigma of the disease is her problem,like the other members said, and if she is doing this to you for that reason/BAD ON HER---at 17 i think you are under age--I dont want to start a family feud but i think this is child abuse--talk to soom one at school teacher/ect----stay strong things get better with time you have a lot of friends her USE THEM---mrfot56

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Similarly, another predictor of intent to leave in the next year was the likeliness of funding for one's teaching position.
The basis of risk is probability; or the likeliness of an outcome occurring.
The analyte representing the highest probability of likeliness is thus identified.
Participants were then asked to rate each past tense verb on how likely they thought each one represented the past tense form of the present tense verb in the initial statement by indicating their preferred level of likeliness on a five-point numerical scale ranging from Highly Unlikely on the lower extreme to Highly Likely on the upper extreme (see Appendix).
In contrast, non-military strategies can be used incrementally and surreptitiously thus lessening the likeliness of escalation into a conventional conflict.
This can largely be attributed to a sense of invincibility many employees have, Murphy says; however, the likeliness of needing LTDI is more common than most employees would like to believe.
That, in turn, would make future borrowing more expensive for businesses, states and private individuals - potentially plunging the economy, and therefore in all likeliness the world economy, into another recession.
Randall Stephenson, the chief of AT&T, on the other had, said his company has done its own study on the likeliness of winning regulatory approval before entering extensive negotiations with Deutsche Telekom.
Five descriptors that describe the drug likeliness properties of these compounds were calculated.
For example, Foubert (2000) has focused on engaging men as "potential helpers" through his development of The Men's Program, and multiple evaluations of the program have demonstrated long-term changes in men's attitudes and behavior, including decreases in rape myth acceptance and likelihood of raping, increases in empathy towards rape victims, increases in willingness to curtail sexist comments, and a greater likeliness to offer support to rape victims (Foubert, 2000; Foubert & Cowell, 2004; Foubert & LaVoy, 2000; Foubert & Newberry, 2006; Foubert & Perry, 2007).
One possibility is that the tampon changed the anatomy of her vagina and increased the likeliness of fluid entering the vagina.