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n. pl. ligu·lae (-lē′) or ligu·las
A strap-shaped or tonguelike structure, especially the terminal portion of the labium in the mouthparts of certain insects.


a genus of tapeworms in the family Diphyllobothriidae.

Ligula intestinalis
the plerocercoids are found in the body cavity of freshwater fish, where they cause infertility and loss of condition. The adults are found in the alimentary tract of piscivorous birds.
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If species that produced wide spermatophores had long ligulae or calami, the plot would show a U-shape, which it does not.
aegina groups, have more positive PC2 scores--and thus shorter ligulae and calami--than do shallow-water nocturnal species from comparable latitudes, such as members of the O.
Hanlon and Messenger (1996) could not document body patterning complexity among octopuses from deep-sea and high-latitude environments where visual predators are thought to be rare, if ligula and calamus lengths reflect the level of predation by visual predators, octopuses from these areas are predicted to have long ligulae, calami, or both.