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an abattoir term for lung as meat.

Patient discussion about lights

Q. Is it true that is places with less sun light people tend to be more depressed?

A. that is correct- a good friend of mine moved to north Alaska about 3-4 years ago. in the winter they hardly have sun. then some of the people get depressed. the treatment is pretty funny- they have to move around with a hat with an illumination system shining over their eyes. they think that the lack of sun light causes a lack of certain chemicals in the brain.

Q. My husband has psoriasis and the dermatologist suggested that he try the uv light treatment.Anyone try it. some of the side effects may be skin cancer and melanoma's. If so can you please let me know if it actually did help or if not. Thanks a million.

A. uv light treatment procedure is relatively new mod of treatment so here is difficult to build an opinion about it.
Actually there are two main type of treatment relating uv light are in use one is uvb treatment and other one is PUVA (uva light based).
As uvb is the most prominent factor for skin cancer so this treatment is more risky. While PUVA is quite effective treatment and has less side effects.

Q. I had cataract surgery with iol implant, and ever since I have awful light sensitivity. Any ideas? I can't go into a "super store" without my sunglasses. My eyes ache at the end of the day. My doctor says "I don't know!"

A. May sound a bit silly question, but have you tried to consult your ophthalmologist (eye doctor, e.g. the one that performed the operation) about it? Cataract surgery, although considered very successful, isn't problem-free. Primary physician may not have the necessary specialization to deal with these subjects.

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But for Tipton, it was light which caught and entranced her.
Elsewhere, researchers are experimenting with color-tuned light to perk up the body, improve visual acuity, and even reduce depression.
Think about that this year, when you are putting away those Christmas decorations, and taking down those lights, and give thanks.
PAC lights such as the Rembrandt Sapphire by Den-Mat (Photo 2) are also very popular for use with in-office whitening procedures.
Use low-voltage lights under handrails, stairs and bench seating on decks to help lighten things up for outdoor entertaining.
For instance, there are normal age-related changes in the pupils (less light can enter the eye), the eyes' accommodation speed decreases (it takes longer for eyes to transition to different light levels), and color perception weakens (yellowing of the lens makes it difficult to distinguish greens from blues).
Placement of lights to diminish harsh shadows is also important, Rizzo says.
Planetarium "concerts" use laser beams to devise light images that move to the beat of preprogrammed music.
Depending on how a person folds or hangs one of the hand-towel-size pieces of cloth, it serves as a cordfree wall light, table top reading lamp, or hanging lantern.
If you want to see yourself in a more flattering light, try the Philips Natural light bulb, which releases a blue illumination rather than the dulling, yellow tone of standard white incandescent lights.
Glaring lights can temporarily blind drivers, increasing the likelihood of an accident.
First, Brunswick installs several rows of black lights above the lanes and pins.