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astrapophobia, keraunophobia.
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Drug slang A regional term for amphetamine
Public health A meteorologic phenomenon caused by a massive atmospheric discharge of electricity, which typically occurs during thunderstorms, and rarely also during volcanic eruptions or dust storms
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Public health A meteorologic phenomenon caused by a massive discharge of electricity. Cf Lightening.
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[8] This is important to note, as chronic symptoms experienced by lightning injury survivors are well documented.
In one case, emergency defibrillation was performed on a patient developing ventricular fibrillation after lightning injury.8 Later, asystole developed, and ST elevation in inferior leads and ST segment depression in anterior leads were observed in the ECG taken after CPR.
This strike is probably the most common type of lightning injury.
Eminent South African electrical engineers, including R B Anderson, A E Carte, A J Eriksson, I R Jandrell and I S McKechnie, have made significant research contributions to lightning medicine, which in turn has led to greater understanding of the mechanisms of lightning injury in the human body and has played a role in developing lightning safety guidelines and standards for South Africa.
Dr Mary Ann Cooper, a lightning injury specialist of the University of Illinois, USA, said the bolt's effect was split between the two - adding that it was "complicated".
Many doctors don't understand lightning injuries, says Dr Mary Ann Cooper, director of the Lightning Injury Research Program at the University of Illinois.

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