light polymerization

light pol·y·mer·i·za·tion

(līt poli-mĕr-ī-zāshŭn)
Use of visible or ultraviolet illumination to excite a photoinitiator; which can initiate polymerization, usually of a resin.
Synonym(s): light curing.
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Caption: Figure 2: The light polymerization procedure of the resin cement under zirconia of (a) 0[degrees] cusp inclination and (b) 20[degrees] or 30[degrees] cusp inclination.
IVA shade was selected to minimize the effects of colorants on light polymerization.13
(14,15) In previous studies, the use of a self-curing catalyst resulted in a higher degree of polymerization when compared with that achieved by light polymerization alone.
For obtaining excellent properties of direct resins composites, a high- intensity light polymerization unit has been developed10.