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light pen,

an electrical device, resembling a pen, that may be used with a computer terminal to enter or modify information displayed on the screen.
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light pen (donated by FastPoint) and a Microsoft Intellimouse[TM], a two-button mouse.
Sutherland composing a 3-D structure using a light pen to input to a cathode ray tube, while manipulating an alphanumeric keypad with his other hand.
We used light pens (compact lasers) and filters at wavelengths of 680, 780, and 830 nm.
A light pen with a keyboard wedge adds bar code reading capability to an existing computer without the need for special programming.
Users are advised to test a sample of the clear adhesive tape with a light pen unit to verify the readability of the labels before bar codes are secured on items.
The electronic components within light pens include sources of either visible or invisible light and devices to detect it.
Write anywhere in any size using a CAD or graphics tablet, light pen or pen computer using multiple strokes in your own handwriting.
Light pens deliver active and accurate interaction between the user and the system to provide a full range of mouse-like capabilities.
The health system had traditionally used light pens on all its nursing stations and lab computers.
During the Engelbart studies, a number of already existing pointing devices were tested, including trackballs, light pens and primitive tablets.
o Touchscreen Support -- Prospector works with any type of touchscreen, as well as other input devices such as trackballs, light pens, or mice.
Finally, MicroSpeed's wholly owned subsidiary, Design Technology, presents a brand new line of light pens.