light pen

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light pen,

an electrical device, resembling a pen, that may be used with a computer terminal to enter or modify information displayed on the screen.
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light pen (donated by FastPoint) and a Microsoft Intellimouse[TM], a two-button mouse.
Component after component of the animation is displayed on the rear-projection screen, and counsel uses electronic light pens to circle questionable elements.
At each Light Pen measurement, the compensation LEDs are simultaneously flashed.
A convenient light pen accessory on Keithley's Model 7002 switch system lets you "point and click" the desired channels or crosspoints on the channel-status display grid.
A light pen with a keyboard wedge adds bar code reading capability to an existing computer without the need for special programming.
A light pen device is used by each operator to check off completed parts and communicate with the shop foreman.
The key to the system is an infrared (IR) scanning interface that consists of an IR emitter, or light pen, that attaches to the temple of Hanscom's glasses and an IR-activated keyboard.
When a special computerized light pen is passed over the code, the identity of the item is placed in memory.
When a light pen is passed over a bar code, the image of the line is reflected back into the pen.
His goal, he says, "has been to broaden the concept of man-machine interaction' by going beyond the typewriter keyboard, joystick or light pen.
Some of its earliest products included the Stack Light Rifle and the Stack Light Pen, which were used in the early days of the home computing and gaming boom.