light micrograph

light mi·cro·graph

a photograph produced by means of a light microscope.
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Figure la shows a representative light micrograph of the sample taken from the Cu-Bi casting, The microporosity is clearly visible under the light microscope; however, the bismuth phase was a bit difficult to distinguish, Using back scatter electron emission and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, the bismuth phases became much more distinguishable (see Figure lb).
From light micrograph, we could determine that investigated antenna composed of three main elements: (a) the scope, its length 0.
Polarized light micrographs taken from samples crystallized isothermally at 140[degrees]C are presented in Fig.
She also adds the new appendix "Tissues that Resemble Each Other" that compares and contrasts 40 light micrographs that may easily be mistaken for the other.
Short bursts of introductory text are followed by illustrations, light micrographs, electron micrographs, and line drawings to elucidate the key points of histology without unnecessary detail.
Although we did not confirm the identity of the mimivirus-like particles by molecular methods or electron microscopy, the nature of the light micrographs enabled close examination of the particles.
Light micrographs were taken with phase-contrast illumination, and SEM electron micrographs were taken using a Jeol JSM-5200 at a voltage of 25 KV.
The heart of the book is its 330 high quality light micrographs.
The total number of ommatidia was determined from light micrographs and scanning electron micrographs of 24 eyes of differently sized animals (13 males and 11 females).
Both the electron micrographs and the light micrographs are very clear and well labeled.
Nearly all gross photographs and light micrographs are in color in this edition and are of excellent quality, as are the representative electron micrographs used to illustrate abnormal subcellular structures.