light metal

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light met·al

a metal with a specific gravity of less than 4, for example, Li.
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The light metal packaging market is experiencing various technological innovations with companies introducing new and innovative products in the market.
The valPure family of products includes coatings for most light metal packaging container applications.
According to CSIRO Minerals researcher Shahriar Amini, 'recycled light metals are particularly susceptible to contamination.
The acquisition of VAW and the subsequent merger of VAW and Hydro Light Metals into Hydro Aluminium will make Norsk Hydro Europe's largest aluminium producer with total sales of approximately EUR10bn and more than 30,000 employees.
It will be owned 65% by Daiki Aluminum and 35% by Nippon Light Metal, they said.
At the water's edge a light metal rail, reminiscent of a ship's railing, strengthens the experience of being on the very extreme perimeter of Manhattan Island.
Global Research and Data Services's latest market research report offers an in-depth perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for light metal packaging in different European countries.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 22, 2011--JCR keeps rating on Nippon Light Metal at BBB(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The total amount on which tax was evaded by Sumitomo Light Metal in the four-year period came to 1.
Hydro Light Metals produces light metal products and has some 17,000 employees worldwide.
Again, there is a central clerestory-lit tall space, this time covered with a light metal roof, the red vault of which warms the feeling of the volume.