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Unsurprisingly, The Traffic Light Diet also uses red, amber and green foods to help you control what you eat.
She claims her Traffic Light Diet is a visual Food Awareness Training System.
The centre also provides special light diet to the bears primarily consisting of sweet delights like watermelons and other kinds of melons to tide over the hot summer.
The Traffic Light Diet by Judith Wills Published by Orion Books IS 2005 the year you're finally going to banish the bulge?
DON'T bother trying to eat until your stomach settles, then take it easy with a light diet
He is currently on a light diet to reduce his weight, so this year we have been asked to avoid steroids.
Feed them a light diet for a few days like boiled chicken and rice, give only water to drink and get them a worm dose.
I do not understand why, because I am feeding him a special light diet, and he only eats one tin a day.
"He was a well-loved and well-fed dog but, like humans, he needed a combination of a light diet and sensible exercise, and he didn't have that.
Treatment of otherwise healthy children includes rest, plenty of fluids, a light diet and paracetamol to reduce fever and headache.
Eat a light diet such as salad and fruits which won't make heavy demands on your digestive system