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"The idea here is twofold, "we wanted to understand how light chain amyloidosis works and how the green tea compound affects this specific protein," Bieschke added.
Serum free light chains, not urine specimens, should be used to evaluate response in light-chain multiple myeloma.
Besides the presence of late gadolinium enhancement, high levels of N-terminal natriuretic peptide B, troponins, and free light chains, as well as the presence of pleural effusion, have all been found to be negative prognostic markers in AL amyloidosis [2, 5, 12].
Caption: Figure 3: Densitometric profile and SDS-PAGE of a pool of 15 myofibrillar extracts obtained from beef, lamb, and chicken samples extracted with denaturing (a) and nondenaturing (b) solutions (1 = myosin heavy chain; 2 = 180-110 kDa; 3 = [alpha]-actinin; 4 = 95-55 kDa; 5 = desmin; 6 = 51-47 kDa; 7 = actin; 8 = 39 kDa; 9 = troponin T; 10 = tropomyosin; 11 = 33-23 kDa; 12 = myosin light chain 1; 13 = 21-18 kDa; 14 = troponin C; 15 = myosin light chain 2; 16 = 14-10 kDa).
Fluorescent immunostaining of IgA subtypes and light chains showed positive staining for IgA1 and k light chains, while staining for IgA2 and A light chains was negative.
In AL amyloidosis, the deposition of immunoglobulin light chains can occur in any organ, causing dysfunction.
The addition of serum free light chains (sFLC) and IFE increases detection of MM to >99% and is consistent with the International Myeloma Working Group recommended guidelines.
He remained in apparent remission until 9/2015 (3 years) when hemoglobin dropped from greater than 15g/dL to 10.2 g/dL and platelets dropped to 70,000 and, for the first and only time, SPEP noted a monoclonal IgM of 0.1g/dL and serum free kappa light chains were elevated at 122 mg/L.
Serum free kappa light chains were 12.9 mg/L (3.3-19.4), and free lambda light chains 5 688 mg/L (5.7-26.3).
Recently, the serum levels of kappa and lambda free light chains (FLC) of immunoglobulin have been used to diagnose and monitor plasma cell dyscrasias and have been proposed as biomarkers of immune stimulation and inflammation.
Identification of B-cell clonality by showing the restricted expression of one of the two immunoglobulin light chains (kappa or lambda) provides useful molecular data for the diagnosis of NHLs.