light chain deposition disease

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light chain disease

A nephropathy which presents with nephrotic range proteinuria and rapidly progressive renal failure due to deposition of electron-dense material within tubular and glomerular basement membranes.

Clinical findings
Nephrotic syndrome, heart failure, arrhythmias, liver disease, anorexia, nausea, weight loss, anaemia, increased creatinine, and neurologic disease; similar clinical findings occur in heavy chain deposition.

light chain deposition disease

Bence-Jones myeloma, light chain disease Oncology A paraproteinemia linked to renal amyloidosis, which occurs in 20% of Pts with immunoproliferative disorders; both are characterized by deposits of fibrillar and nonfibrillar monoclonal light chains in various tissues Clinical Rapidly progressive renal failure due to renal tubular blockage by Bence-Jones proteins, nephrotic syndrome, heart failure, arrhythmias, liver disease, neurologic disease; similar clinical findings are associated with heavy chain deposition
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kappa]4 is overrepresented in light chain deposition disease.
In early cases of light chain deposition disease, when the glomeruli appear essentially unremarkable by light microscopy and fluorescence for monoclonal light chains is inconclusive, lightchain deposits may not be recognizable ultrastructurally.
Metachronous development of nonamyloidotic lambda light chain deposition disease and IgG heavy chain amyloidosis in the same patient.
Non-invasive diagnosis of light chain deposition disease.
3 105 (a) IEP, immuncelectrophoresis; MM, multiple myeloma; ND, not detected; BMG, benign monoclonal gammopathy; PMG, primary macroglobulinemia; LCDD, light chain deposition disease.
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