Aha! Phenomenon

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A flash of insight related to a problem—e.g., integration of a complex set of data—which may result in a solution to the problem
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It was a light bulb moment where you think 'If he does that then he's got a big chance' Nicky Butt
"I caught a lot of notes of catharsis and kind of eureka moments, light bulb moments, and especially--this is a recurring theme--somebody feeling like something makes sense, and not feeling so alone in an identity." She quickly adds, "sometimes it's complex because these characters are not perfect depictions.
Marcella (Anna Friel) has deduced, in a dramatic light bulb moment, that the killer is a woman.
Last year whilst I was watching Graham officiate I had a light bulb moment and thought "I could do that!".
"And that's when we had a light bulb moment to change the lyrics to conjure up visions of Christmas to our music students involved in recording and releasing it as a charity single.
I stuck with it and six months down the line, I had a light bulb moment and realised I was OK and that I could be on my own.
Eissa, who used to work for Careem as a market launcher, said the idea came to him in a "rare light bulb moment", reported AUC Venture Lab.
Not only was it frightening for my friend to witness but also she said it was a clear light bulb moment when she realised that her daughter had been showing all the symptoms for weeks beforehand.
I tapped my temple with my finger and asked again, "Where's the safety?" Light bulb moment! Just as Dave alluded to, regardless of the mechanical configuration, any firearm safety ultimately resides in the cranial cavity--and no manufacturer can remedy that, if it's faulty.
After a bad experience, I had a light bulb moment, and began offering antiageing treatments.
"Witnessing stout explode onto the American craft beer scene was a light bulb moment for me," said Matthew Rutkowski of Spiegelau.
Having a light bulb moment, or waking up with a new idea for your life, is something all people experience, religious or not, and blaming it on God sounds a lot like an excuse not to take responsibility for your own actions.

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