medial palpebral ligament

(redirected from ligamentum palpebrale mediale)

me·di·al pal·pe·bral lig·a·ment

the fibrous band that attaches the medial ends of the tarsal plates to the maxilla at the medial orbital margin.


pertaining to the eyelid.

palpebral conjunctiva
conjunctiva at the back of the eyelid.
palpebral fissure
see palpebral fissure.
medial palpebral ligament
the ligament which connects the medial ends of the tarsi to the orbit.
palpebral nerve
a branch of the auriculopalpebral nerve which serves the muscles of the eyelid (see Table 14).
palpebral reflex
the eyelids close when the eyelids are touched.
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