hepatoduodenal ligament

(redirected from ligamentum hepatoduodenale)

he·pa·to·du·o·de·nal lig·a·ment

the portion of the lesser omentum that connects the liver and duodenum.
Synonym(s): ligamentum hepatoduodenale [TA]

hepatoduodenal ligament

[hep′ətōdo̅o̅′ədē′nəl, -do̅o̅·od′inəl]
Etymology: Gk, hēpar + L, duodeni, twelve fingers
the portion of the lesser omentum between the liver and the duodenum, containing the hepatic artery, the common bile duct, the portal vein, the lymphatics, and the hepatic plexus of nerves. These structures are enclosed within a fibrous capsule between the two layers of the ligament. Compare hepatogastric ligament.
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Other possible abdominal sites for the tumor include the liver, [sup][16] spleen, [sup][17] kidney, [sup][18] ligamentum hepatoduodenale, [sup][6] gall bladder, [sup][19] the falciform ligament, [sup][20] and the omentum.

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