plantar calcaneocuboid ligament

(redirected from ligamentum calcaneocuboideum plantare)

plan·tar cal·ca·ne·o·cu·boid lig·a·ment

a strong band that passes forward and medially from the plantar surface of the calcaneus to the cuboid bone, actually forming a part of the articular capsule of the calcaneocuboid joint; the shorter, deeper portion of the long plantar ligament.

short plantar ligament

short, thick, wide ligament uniting the calcaneum and cuboid, deep to the long plantar ligament (see Table 1)
Table 1: Ligaments that support the medial longitudinal arch (MLA)
Anatomical featureLocation
Long plantar ligament (LPL)Plantar aspect of calcaneum (just anterior to calcaneal tuberosity); insert
• Deep portion: into plantar aspect of cuboid
• Superficial portion: base of 2-5 metatarsals
Short plantar ligament (SPL) (plantar calcaneocuboid ligament)Anterior tubercle of calcaneum; inserts into adjacent plantar surface of cuboid
Spring ligament (SL) (plantar calcaneonavicular ligament)Anterior margin of sustentaculum tali; inserts into plantar aspect of navicular
Interosseous ligament (IL) (talocalcaneal ligament)Within sinus tarsi; connects non-articular parts of subtalar joint
Deltoid ligament (DL) (medial collateral ankle ligament)Fans out from anterior, medial and posterior aspects of medial malleolus; insets into navicular, spring ligament, sustentaculum tali and adjacent talus
Plantar aponeurosis (PA) (deep plantar fascia)From calcaneal tuberosity to midfoot, where it splits into five bands
Each band attaches distally to plantar aspect of transverse intermetatarsal ligament (overlying and linking plantar aspects of all metatarsophalangeal joints) and plantar surface of respective proximal phalanx
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