ligamentum arteriosum

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lig·a·men·tum ar·te·ri·o·'sum

fibrous remnant of the ductus arteriosus extending between the aortic arch and the pulmonary trunk.

ligamentum arteriosum


Leonardo, Italian physician in Paris, 1530-1600.
Botallo duct - a fetal vessel connecting the left pulmonary artery with the descending aorta. Synonym(s): ductus arteriosus
Botallo foramen - the orifice of communication between the two atria of the fetal heart.
Botallo ligament - the remains of the ductus arteriosus. Synonym(s): ligamentum arteriosum


pl. ligamenta [L.] ligament.

ligamentum arteriosum
remnants of the ductus arteriosus between the aorta and the pulmonary artery.
ligamentum flavum
connects the arches of adjacent vertebrae.
ligamentum nuchae
see nuchal ligament.
ligamentum venosum
remnants of the ductus venosus in the liver.
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B has a right-sided aortic arch with an aberrant left subclavian artery at T4 that, with the ligamentum arteriosum and left pulmonary artery, form a vascular ring impinging around the esophagus.
Another common site is the descending thoracic aorta just below the ligamentum arteriosum.
Patients were assigned into four VR subtypes: (1) Double aortic arch (DAA), (2) pulmonary artery sling (PAS), (3) right aortic arch with a persistent left ligamentum arteriosum (RALL), and (4) others.
Left aortic arch and right ligamentum arteriosum causing esophageal obstruction in a dog.
The ductus arteriosus, which becomes the nonfunctional vestige known as the ligamentum arteriosum, closes a few weeks after birth as does the ductus arteriosus.
4L: Includes nodes to the left of the left lateral border of the trachea, medial to the ligamentum arteriosum
The commonest cause has been thought to be mitral valve stenosis or prolapse leading to left atrial dilatation that compresses the recurrent laryngeal nerve as it hooks around the aorta next to the ligamentum arteriosum and courses up in the groove between the trachea and esophagus.
Cardiovascular trauma in children usually results in (a) aortic disruption at the level of the ligamentum arteriosum, (b) cardiac rupture, or (c) laceration.
The two most common aortic arch anomalies that cause airway compression are (1) a double aortic arch and (2) a right aortic arch with an aberrant left subclavian artery and left ligamentum arteriosum.
It hooks under the arch of aorta, posterior to the ligamentum arteriosum before ascending towards the neck between the trachea and the esophagus.

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